Fired Google employee sets up new company; brings more Xooglers

A former Google manager who is responsible for iOS and Android platform development in the company, Henry Kirk is forming a new company with six other laid-off employees from Google.

During Kirk’s layoff last month, he reached out to coworkers and, upon learning that most are also affected by Google’s layoffs decision, he decided to create a “group chat for moral support.”

Their company, whose name has not yet been decided, seeks to assist other “startups in growing and obtaining investment.”

He and his former colleagues are also exploring the possibility of offering “design and research tools for other companies’ apps and websites.”

“I was pretty bummed out for about five minutes, but then I said, ‘well I still have a family to take care of, I learned a lot, and I think I’m ready to do my own thing… First off, the goal is to get some projects in so we can start paying our bills.”

Since everyone’s financial situation is different, the group of former Google employees has set an end-of-March deadline to launch the company.

“Not everyone that I worked with is in the same financial situation. Some people have a family to take care of, some don’t, some have strong finances and they saved for years, others don’t.”

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